This is a list of 40 feel good status that will lift you up whenever you are sad.Each person falls and there is no one in entire human history (yes all 106 to 108 billion of them) that has never felt low.Read this and forget the past.Because future is beautiful..

1 ) Solve the problem or leave the problem. But…… Do not live with the problem.

2 ) No matter how good a person you are there will always be someone criticizing you.

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3 ) It doesn’t matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect, as long as they are perfect for each other.

4 ) TODAY figure out what makes you happy & do more of it. Figure out what doesn’t and do less of it.

5 ) A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.

6 ) When I say I love you forever, Forever is the rest of my life

7 ) The awesome moment when your mom thinks that you have no money for school and gives you more.

8 ) Don’t assume your partner knows about everything you expect in a relationship. Let him know. A relationship should be based on communication, not on assumptions.

9 ) People will always tell you what you did wrong but hesitate to compliment you for what you did right.

10 ) Disappointments are just God’s way of saying: I have got something better. Be patient, live life and have faith.

11 ) Even though you are far away… I think about you every day… And for now I send you hugs & smiles across the miles.

12 ) You taught me how to love but not how to stop.

13 ) “It takes million people to complete the world…..
But it only takes you to complete me…”

14 ) In search of a perfect person, don’t lose a true one b’coz perfection is fantasy while truth is a reality.

15 ) Don’t try and perfect yourself for one person wait for the One who love your Imperfection.

16 ) God does not create a lock without its key & God does not give you problems without its solutions! TRUST HIM.      ….Best nice status for whatsapp

17 ) Don’t TRUST too much , don’t LOVE too much , don’t CARE too much because that ‘ TOO MUCH ‘ will HURT you so much !

18 ) Its not important to have long list of friends on FB & Whatsapp but its important to have some friends who can read your face as book and ask whats up.

19 ) 3 steps to move on. CTRL + ALT + DEL. Control yourself, look for an alternate solution, and delete the situation that hurts you.

20 ) Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

21 ) If 5 seconds of smile can make a photograph more beautiful then just imagine, if you keep always smiling, how beautiful your life will be.

22 ) Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you.

23 ) I may not have everything I want in life but I’m blessed enough to have all that I need. For this I’m grateful.

24 ) They ask me what I see in you and I smile, look down and say nothing b’coz I don’t want them to fall in love with you too.

25 ) There are 4 very important words in life. Love, Honesty, Truth and Respect. Without these in your life, you have nothing.    ….More whatsapp quotes

26 ) Never look back unless there’s an attractive stranger behind you!

27 ) If I fall asleep texting you, it’s because I didn’t want to say goodbye.

28 ) There’s a story behind every person. A reason why they are the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.

29 ) Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out.

30 ) A king only bows down to his queen.

31 ) You know someone means a lot to you when their mood can easily affect yours.

32 ) From A to Z all that really matters is I and U.

33 ) If you live life with regrets of yesterday, you will have no today to be thankful for.

34 ) If you never thank GOD after every smile then you have no right to blame him for every tear.

35 ) You can’t have a relationship without any fights but you can make your relationship worth the fight.

36 ) I miss our long talks, your smile, your laugh, your smell, your kisses and your hugs. I wish I could have them back.

37 ) The sweetest place is to be in someone’s thoughts and the safest place is to be in someones heart.

38 ) Your past is done, so forget it. Your future is yet to come, so dream it. But your present is now, so live it.

39 ) Say it’s true. There’s nothing like me and you ♥.

40 ) The world is full of nice people…… If you can’t find one, be one.


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