Best Navratri wishes and SMS for 2017

1 ) Navratri Is A Festival That Is Celebrated
All Over India In Different Ways,
Under Different Names,
But With The Same Fervor.
As With All The Other Festivals,
As Today is Navratri. .
So Many many Returns of the Day ..

2 ) May This Festival Of Lights Enlighten You Life,
With Happiness And Prosperity.
Happy Navratri.

3 ) May This Navratri The Holy Tunes
Of Dandiya Enlighten Your Life,
May Your Life Be Blessed In Abundance
With Rejoice And Success.
Wishing You Happy Navratri.

4 ) May Goddess Durga Always Be By Your Sides
May She Wither All Your Difficult Lides
May Her Light Bring All Joy In Your Life
May She Move All Your Obstacles And Remove All Your Strife.

Happy Navratri

5 ) May Your Lifes Tyle Be Loaded
With Pleasure On This Pious
Event Of Navratri.

Happy Navratri!

6 ) We Wish A Peaceful And Prosperous Navratri
Having Full Blessings Of Durga Devi Mata
And We Pray For The Continuation Of Success,
Power, And Freedom From Evil Thoughts
And Wisdom For You And To All Those Dear
To You Throughout This Year

7 ) You share your blessings to other;
You inspire, you encourage;
For that, I wish that Maa Durga showers her blessings on you.
Have a prosperous 2017 Navratri!

8 ) May Goddess Durga Shower
All Her Blessings On You And Your Family
During This Navratri.
May Her Sights Be Always With You
And May Her Hands Be On You Throughout The Year.

Happy Durga Puja

9 ) Its An Excellent Day Of Navratri
Make A Wish And It Shall Come True
Do Good Actions And Ignore The Rest
Maa Is Regularly Viewing On You
Happy Last Day Of Navratri.

10 ) In Our Worship Of The Divine
Durga Mata On This Navratri,
We All Pray For Her Continued Support
And Blessings To Give Everyone
Close To You All Prosperity,
Health, Wisdom And Freedom
From Obstructions Of All Kinds Every Day

Happy Navratri

11 ) I told my mother that I want ‘Blackberry’ or ‘Apple’.
My mom said,

Ghar Mein Singhade Pade Hain, Pahle Woh Khatam Kar!
Happy Navratras!

12 ) Durga’s Light Brings Us Love
lt Brings Peace To Our Hearts
lf We Stand Before Her
As A True Devotee then
She Gives Us Everything And Even More.

Happy Navratri

13 ) As Longs As You Are Celebrating This Navratri,
May You Be Blessed With Prosperity
Wealth And Good Fortune.
Sing Merrily And Share The Blessings Happily,
In Truth, Honor And One Spirit.

Happy Durgapooja And Navratri.

14 ) Pyaar Ka Taraana Uphar Ho;
Khushiyo Ka Nazrana Beshumar Ho;
Na Rahe Koi Gam Ka Ehsaas;
Aisa Navratra Utsav Is Saal Ho.
Happy Navratri!

15 ) Maa ki jyoti se prem milta hai,
Sabke dilo ko marm milta hai,
Jo bhi jata hai MAA ke dwar kuch na kuch jarur milta hai.

16 ) Let This Nine Day Festival Bring
Bakthi And Sakthi
Into Your Life
So That You Dont Feel Their Absence
In Your Life Throughout The Year.

Happy Navratri

17 ) Let This Navaratri Vanish The Nine Vices Of Each,
Vanishing The Darkness Of Human Reach,
Glowing Durga Takes The Form Of Beaming Light,
Cleansing The Nature Day And Night,
Wish You All A Happy Navaratri

18 ) Wish A Prosperous And Happy Navratri,
With The Blessings Of The Divine Mother
And May This Year For You
And Your Loved Ones
Have Bountiful Success,
And Freedom
From All Kind Of Impurity

19 ) Happy Moments Celebrated Together,
The Moments That Will Not Part In My Heart Forever,
I Pray You Make Me Miss You
Even More This Durga Pooja And Navratri.
My Wish Is That This Navratri
Will Bring Good Fortune.

Happy Durga Pooja And Navratri.

20 ) May Your Fortunes
Be As Long As The Trunk Of Lord Ganesh

May Your Prosperity Grow
As Big As His Stomach.

May Your Happiness
Be As Sweet And Enduring
As His Laddoosmay Your Troubles

Be As Small As His Mouse.
Happy Navratri.

21 ) I Pray That This Navratri
Be Splendid And More Encouraging As Ever.
May You Get Joy,
Health And Resources In One Accord.
May The Light Of The Holiday Light Up
Your Nearby And Dear Ones Lives.
Happy Durgapooja And Navratri.

22 ) Reincarnations of Goddess Shakti:
May these nine manifestations of Shakti known as ‘Nava-Durga’ bless you at all times!
May you experience blissful worshipping on Navratri!

23 ) May All The Nine Forms Of Goddess
Shower Their Blessings On You And Your Family.
Wishing You A Very
Happy And Holy Navratri.

24 ) Chodd Diye Wo Kam, Jinke Galat The Anjaam;
Abb Kuchh Din Nek Kamo Mein Bitayenge;
Aur Navrataro Ke Baad Hi Nayi Ladki Patayenge!

25 ) After A Long Wait The Festival Of Navdurga Has Come,
May This Navratri You Have A Shubh Aram Of A New Beginning.
Happy Navratri.

26 ) Hello Dear Friend,
I Wish U A Dasara Day Full Of Laughter,
Health, Wealth, Good Luck
And Most Of All Light Your Candle
And May Its Brightness Reflect
To The World That You Are A Conqueror.
Wish You A Light Full Dasara

27 ) The Second Day Is Dedicated
To Maa Brahmachaarini,
Who Gives The Message Of Pure Love
To The World;
Happy Navratri

28 ) As We Come Together
On The Happy Occasion Of Ram Navami And Navratri,
We Bring You To Our Minds
And Pray That Everyone Near To You
Has Continued Prosperity,
Power, Success And Wisdom All Round The Year

29 ) As You Are Having A Happy Independence Day,
What Have You Prepared For Your Nation Building?
Here I Give You 3 Gifts Towards It.
1. Unity
2. Love
3. Peace

30 ) The memories of moments celebrated together make me miss you forever.
Happy Navratri!

31 ) As We Celebrate This
Auspicious Occasion Of Navratri,
All Your Friends And Well Wishers
Pray For The Continued Blessings
Of The Divine Mother Durga Mata
In All Aspects Of Life Like Wisdom,
Power And Prosperity Today
And In All The Days To Follow

32 ) Maa Durga Will Empower You
And Your Family With The Nine Swaroop Of Name,
Health, Fame, Happiness, Education,
Humanity, Shakti And Bhakti.
Enjoy Your Celebration To The Fullest.
Happy Durgapooja And Navratri.

33 ) Siddhidatri Is The 9th Form Of Goddess.
She Has Four Arms And She Is Always
In A Blissful Happy Enchanting Pose.
She Rides On The Lion As Her Vehicle.
Happy Ninth Navratri

34 ) On The Sixth Day,
The Goddess Is Worshipped As Katyayani.
Seated On Her Vehicle Lion,
Katyayani Has Three Eyes And Four Hands.
Happy 6th Navratri

35 ) The Nine Shakti’s:
Skanda Mata,
Kala Ratri,
Siddhidayini And
Maha Gowri Are Vibrant On Navaratri.

Have Their Countless Blessings
With You And Endeavour Their Energy This Navaratri.

36 ) I Always See Two Sets Of Footprints In My Dream,
One Is Mine And One Is Of The Goddess Supreme,
When I Have Sorrow, I See Only One Pair,
The Goddess Says, I Will Grab And Hold You In Grief,
The Pair Is Mine And You Simply Rest In Sleep.
Wishes For A Happy Navaratri

37 ) May You Be Blessed With The Power
To Stand Against The Wrong,
And The Power To Stand With The Right.
Wishing You A Prosperous Navratri.

38 ) On This Auspicious Day Of Durga Pooja
May You Be Blessed With A Prosperity
Which Knows No End
And Happiness Which Has No Limit.
May Maa Bestow Her Blessings On Thy Head!

39 ) May This Festival Of Joy,
Enlighten Your Life
With The Dance Of Happiness And Music Of Success.
Happy Navratr

40 ) On The Navratri Festival Day
We Send Our Wishes That The Durga Mata Devi
Divine Mother And Protector
Keeps Us All Safe And Give Us Wisdom
And Bless Us With Prosperity
For All Days To Come

41 ) Since Navratri Is So Special To Us,
I Want To Send You This Early
Greatest Greeting Especially To You.
Forward The Word To Your Friends To Spread It!
Separate Yourself From Disgust And Hatred
Happy Durgapooja And Navratri.

42 ) May This Navratri You Be Blessed With,
Power, Prosperity, Simplicity, Peace And Love.
Happy Navratri.

43 ) Bajre ki roti,
aam ka achar,
suraj ki kirne, khushiyo ki bahar,
chanda ki chandni, apano ka pyar,
mubarak ho aapko
ka tyohar.

44 ) May the nine nights of Navratri bring grace, joy and fun;
Let’s worship Goddess Durga and the prayers be done.
Time to perform Dandiya and play around in circles;
And stage a mock-fight with Mahishasura which Durga won.
Wish you a very Happy and Blessed Naaratri!

45 ) Memories Of Moments Celebrated Together
Moments That Have Been Attached In My Heart Forever
Make Me Miss You Even More This Navratri.
Hope This Navratri Brings In Good Fortune
And Long Lasting Happiness For You!

Happy Navratri

46 ) May Maa Durga Bless You With The Wings Of Eagle,
So That You Can Soar Up High In The Sky.
Wishing You A Prosperous Navratri.

47 ) I Have Given Your Address To Maa Saraswati,
Mahalakshmi And Mahakali,
So That They Can Bestow Their Holy Blessings
To You And Your Family.
Happy Navratri.

48 ) Lal Rang Se Saja Maa Ka Darbar;
Harshit Hua Man, Pulkit Hua Sansaar;
Nanhe Nanhe Kadmo Se Maa Aaye Aapke Dwaar;
Mubarak Ho Aapko Navratri Ka Tyohar!

49 ) Meaning of Navratra:
N: Nav Chetna
A: Akhand Jyoti
V: Vighn Nashak
R: Raat Jageshwari
A: Anand Dayi
T: Trikal Darshi
R: Raksh Karti
A: Ambe Maa
Happy Navratri to all!

50 ) While Worshipping The Blessed
Devi Ma Durga On This Dussehra,
We Wish That This Day
And The Year To Follow,
Has Purity And Prosperity,
Wisdom And Wealth For You,
Your Family And Your Friends

Happy Dussehra

51 ) During The Next Nine Days,
We Offer Puja And Think Of Goddess Durga
And Her Blessings We Pray
That She Gives Us Peace And Prosperity
And Good Health.
Wish You And Your Family
A Truly Awesome Navratri.

52 ) Iss Navtratri Aapki Khushi Nauguana Bad Jaea,
Aur Aapka Dukh Nauguana Kum Ho Jae,
Aisi Meri Manokamna Hai Maa Se.
Jay Mata Di!

53 ) May Goddess Durga Remove All Your Troubles
May Goddess Durga Move All Your Obstacles
May Goddess Durga Give You No Reason To Sulk Or Fear
During This Festive Season Happy Navratri

54 ) Its The Unique Duration Of Navratri
And I Don’t Want To Skip
A Opportunity To Say
You Mean To Me More Than You
Enjoy Your Navratri These Days.

55 ) I Am Highly Obliged To Send You And Your Family,
Warm Regards On This Auspicious Day Of Navratri.
Jay Mata Di!

56 ) Today is first NAVRATRA. May GOD DURGA give prosperous to you and to your family.May her blessings be always with you.
Happy Navratri

57 ) Let The Bad Vanish And Good Grow
With Peace All Over And Also Within
With The Grace Of Goddess Durga,
Let People And Relations Begin
With Lots Of Love And Celebrations Out And In

Wishes For A Happy Navaratri

58 ) Nava Durga Has Come To Our Presence
To Grace Us With Her Supremacy,
Let Us Worship Her With Happiness And Spirit
Cherish Her Blessings And Celebrate With Our Loved Ones
Wish You All A Happy Navratri

59 ) On Navratri,
We Invoke The Blessings
Of The Blessed Durga Ma
To Grant Us Our Desires Of Year Round Prosperity
Health And Wisdom And Great Success
In All Our Undertakings
And All Those Our Friends And Family Members

60 ) The Nine Nights Of This Navaratri
Brings Grace, Joy And Fun.
Let The Prayer Be Sung And Dandiya Be Done.
Wish You A Happy Navaratri

61 ) Wishing Happiness And Prosperity
On Navratri And Divine Blessings Of Goddess Durga
And Pray That You And All Your Family
Have Great Wisdom, Power, Freedom
From Evil And Success In All That You Do

62 ) Maa Durga Apko Apni 9 Bhujao Se:
1. Bal
2. Buddhi
3. Aishwarya
4. Sukh
5. Swasthya
6. Daulat
7. Abhijeet
8. Nirbhikta
9. Sampannta Pradan Kare
Happy 3rd Day of Navratri

63 ) May Yourself
You Family Members
Be Endowed With Everything
Wonderful This Navratri.
Celebrate These 9 Times To The Fullest!

64 ) May Your Family Be Blessed With Love,
Grace And Prosperity Of Goddess Durga.
Let Us Share Our Joy And Fun.
Wish You A Happy Navratri

65 ) May This Navratri
Be The Brightest In Your Life.

May This Navratri
Bring All Happiness To You
And Your Near Ones

May This Festival Of Lights
Brighten Your Life In A New Way.

66 ) Kalaratri Is The One Who Destroys
Ignorance And Removes Darkness.
She Is Also Known As Shubhamkari.
Happy Seventh Day Of Navratri

67 ) May This Celebration Bring
Not Only Prosperity But Also Joy.
This Celebration Was Meant For You
To Have It All,
The Atmosphere Is Filled With Love And Mirth.
Therefore,, I Wish You Great Celebration.
Happy Durgapoojal And Navratri.

68 ) N = Nav Chetna
A = Akhand Jyoti
V = Vighna Nashak
R = Ratjageshwari
A = Anand Dayi
T = Trikal Darshi
R = Rakhan Karti
A = Anand Mayi Maa
May Nav Durga bless you always.
Wish you and your family a very Happy Navratri.

69 ) Wish You A Very Happy And Joyous Nvratri.
May Maa Durga Light Up Your Life
With Innumerable Blessings
Of Good Fortune And Happiness
May You Encounter Lots Of Blessings,
As You Enjoy The Day.
Happy Durga pooja And Nvratri.

70 ) May the brightness of Navratri fill your days with cheer;
And may all your dreams come true During Navratri and all through the year.
Happy Navratri!

71 ) Goddess Durga is an embodiment of Shakti who overcame the evils of the world.
May this Navratri, everyone uses Her blessings and power to overcome their problems in life. Wish you a very happy Navratri!

72 ) On Navratri We Pray
That Our Blessed Mother Durga
Grant Your Family Members
And You Every Wish You Desire,
Wealth, Wisdom And Prosperity
In Whatever You May Do All Through The Year

73 ) I pray This NAVRATRI gives 9 shower upon U
sam ridhi
Haappy Navratri…..

74 ) Let Your Joys Overflow
Let Your Happiness Be Never Low

Let Your Family Have All The Wealth
Let Your Family Never Have Issues Of Health

Let You Always Stride Forward Without Fear
During This Navratri And Throughout The Year.

Happy Navratri

75 ) My Silent Prayers Were This Empty Spaces,
Have Been Asking Maa Durga
To Protect And Guide You In All Your Undertakings
Whenever You Are!,
This Is A Prayer Of Sincerity,
Just For You.
Happy Durga Pooja And Navratri.

76 ) May You And Your Near And Dear Ones
Be Blessed By The Goddess Of Fortune,
Happy Navratri.

77 ) Skanda Mata Is Worshipped
On The Fifth Day Of Navratri.
SHE Is Holding Her Son
‘Skandaa Or Kartikaya’
On Her Lap.
Happy 5th Navratri

78 ) May You Be Blessed With The Blessings Of Maa Navdurga,
May She Illuminate Your Life With Joy,
And Protect You And Your Near And Dear Ones From Evils.
Happy Navratri.

79 ) May Maa Durga On This Durga Pooja
Give The Power To Fight
nd Win All Battles Of Difficulties In Your Life.
May You And Your Family Be Blessed With Her Blessings.
Wishing You And Our
Entire Family Happy Durga Pooja.

80 ) May Maa Durga bless you and your family with Her nine swaroops of Name, Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Devotion and Empowerment!
Happy Navratras!