People say attitude is all that matters while having a conversation.You can easily know anyone’s attitude by focusing on what he/she is speaking and writing.If you are shy and introverted it is hard to portray a strong charisma . What do you do then ?Fake it till you make it.Yes ,fake it !!!.Get these pre-build attitude status and get stated.Copy-paste these status on you whatsapp messenger or in facebook.Let us know in comments if that worked..

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( 1 ) “Awesome Lines Forever:
I’m Glad I’m An Average Looking,
Because Then I Know Someone Loves
Me For Me, Not As A Trophy They Can
Show Off .”

( 2 ) “If I Listen Quietly, I M Good..
If I Speak Up , I Suddenly Bcum Bad..
Y Is Dere Such Discrimination ?
If U Expect Respect 4m Me..
Hv U Ever Thought That..
I Also Expect D Same 4m U ..”

( 3 ) “Dedicated 2 All Grls Wid High Attitude :
Sweety! Don’t Be Proud
If Every Boy Wants u..!
Always Remember,
Cheap Items Hv many buyrs”

( 4 ) “Make no mistake between
my personality and my attitude.

My personailty is who I am,
My attitude depends on who you are”

( 5 ) “Never Change Ur Originality For The Sake Of Others B’coz
In This World No One Can Play Ur Role Better Than U
So Be Ur Self And Win The World……..”

( 6 ) “Pe0ple Say I M St0ne Hearted
Yes I M
Anything Writing 0n
St0ne Will Stay F0rever
S0 Pe0ple Wh0 Are In My Heart
Will Remain There F0rever.”

( 7 ) “In Chemistry Class Teacher
Asked A Gal What R Nitrates
Gal Answered Shyly: Night
Rates They Are C0stlier Than Day.”

( 8 ) “Luck is not in your Control

Struggle is Always in Your Control

Struggle can make

Your LUCK. So,

Everything is possible with struggle!”

( 9 ) “I Never Explain Myself T0 Any0ne because
Pers0n Wh0 Likes Me D0esn’t Need It
Pers0n Wh0 Dislikes Me W0n’t Believe It.”

( 10 ) “A Cute Nurse Came F0r The Interview
Dr: What Salary U Expect
Nurse: Rs10000
Dr Was 0verj0yed Nd Said: My Pleasure
Nurse: With Pleasure Its 2500”

( 11 ) “People say nothing is impossible.
“What a coincidence, I do nothing daily”

( 12 ) “Comparison is the best way to judge our progress
…but not with others,compare your yesterday with your today…
good morning:-)”

( 13 ) “Dont try to understand me.
If you do
Then either ull go mad;-(
You will start loving me”

( 14 ) “Never Change Wh0 U Are
Never Change H0w U Learn
Change H0w U Think
Things Are Changing
I Am Willing T0 Listen
Nd Change H0w I Think.”

( 15 ) “Difference of Nature :
Two girlz wearing same T-Shirt
Response-‘Kamini COPIED MY STYLE’
2 boyz wearing same T-Shirt,Response: ‘O Mera Bhai’;-)”

( 16 ) “Success with Negative Attitude is called Luck..!
Success with Positive Attitude is called Achievement..!

Be an Achiever Always.”

( 17 ) “Attitude Statement of the decade,
“I got 150 Questions in exam saying to solve any 100,
I Solved All 150 and wrote CHECK ANY 100.”

( 18 ) “Always have a
positive attitude in life.
There is something positive
In every person.
Even a stopped watch is right
Twice a day”

( 19 ) “Don’t Make Your Voice Loud To Make Others Listen To You
But Make Your Personality Loud, That Others Wait To Listen To You.”

( 20 ) “Don’t Be Sad When You See Your
Ex-Girlfrnd Flirting With Sumone Else.
Come On Yaar
Learn To Donate Ur Old Toys To Poor Kids
That’s Called ATTITUDE”

( 21 ) ““Luck is not in your Control
Struggle is Always in Your Control
Struggle can make
Your LUCK. So,
Everything is possible with struggle!”

( 22 ) “Never try to judge me dude,
you don’t know What the fuck,
i have been through.
Never cross my limits.”

( 23 ) “Never Waste Tym Da Sumone

Who Dosent Even Bother
Investing Tym In U

B Wd Sumone Who Will Say

Time Is Wasted If M Not Wid U”

( 24 ) “Boys use the word Friendship
to begin the relationship.
and girls use the same word
to end the relationship.
Same word defined different attitude…”

( 25 ) “People Say I’m Stone Hearted…
Yes I’m
Anything Writting On Stone, Will Stay Forever
So People Who Are In My Heart
Will Reamin There Forever”

( 26 ) “I Am Not Famous In This World
I Am Famous In Someone’s Heart
That’s All That Matters To Me.!”

( 27 ) “If you have a “magnetic”
personality and yet people
don’t get attracted to you –
it’s not your fault.
They have “iron” deficiency
in their bodies”

( 28 ) “Attitude For Life:
Why To Flirt,
When U Are Capable
Of Being Loved..!”

( 29 ) ““I dont care if people think I have an attitude
I was not put on earth to plz everyone”
I’m Born to express not to Impress…!!
That’s an AtiTude….!!!”

( 30 ) “For me, it’s a bigger challenge,
it’s much harder to do and much
more rewarding to do well,
then just to think up stuff of your own,
hit or miss, because you’ve got
to see to it that you don’t
torpedo any of his punch lines.”

( 31 ) “Attitude During Exam:
“”They Gave The Questions
Which I Dont Know..
So I Wrote Answers Which
They Dont Know..!”””

( 32 ) “Attitude Of Youth
“We R More Brilliant Than Einstein & Newton..

It’s Just Dey Didn’t Leave Anything For Us To Invent”

( 33 ) “I’m Not Single. I’m In A
Long Standing
Relationship With Fun
And Freedom.”

( 34 ) “Share This Sms
Attitude For Life:
“”Why To Flirt
When You Are Capable
Of Being Loved..”:)”

( 35 ) “Levels of Attitude
Boy : Hi !! 🙂
Girl (showing attitude) : Do I know you -_-
Boy (in COOL TONE) : Teri itni aukaat kahan B) ”

( 36 ) “An Excellent Positive Statement:
“I’m Not Totally Usless..
I Can Still Be Used As An
Example Of Uselessness..
Thats The Attitude..!”

( 37 ) “Excellent Attitude..
“”I Am Not Saying That
I Am Special…
I Am Just One Of God’s
Limited Editions..!!!”

( 38 ) “Height of Attitude…!!
She said: I LOVE You .
I Said: I Love Me Too ….!”

( 39 ) “Never Change Who You Are.
Never Change How You Learn.
Change How You Think!!
Things Are Changing.
I Am Willing To Listen, Learn, And Change How I Think!”

( 40 ) “Girlz attitude When boy dont look Her
She says:KUTTA dekh hi nhi rha hai
When boy looks her
She says:Dekh kaise KUTTON ki trah dekh raha hai.”

( 41 ) “People may call it ATTITUDE Bt I
call it REALITY-:
Care 4 only those People who
Deserve it,
Bcoz we r nt Jokers 2 Entertain

( 42 ) “Good one;
When you feel that Someone is taking your Place in Your Bestfriend’s Heart…
Never Say I’ll never let Go Close to My Bestfriend;
Rather Say Go as Close as You can, I Will Still be the Closest.. !”

( 43 ) “In the end we’re all just
chalk lines on the concrete.
Drawn only to be washed away.
For the time that I’ve been given.
I am what I am.”

( 44 ) “Be simple but look stylish,
Be tough but look soft,
Be tensed but look cool,
Be a winner but look like a Beginner.
Thats the way of living life!”

( 45 ) “Some genius person asked me what is your attitude…
I then simply replied

( 46 ) “In Rain All Birds Occupy
Shelter But Eagle Is
The One That Avoidz
The Rain By Flying
Above The Clouds
Problem Is Common
To All But Attitude
Makez The Difference”

( 47 ) “MY ATTITUDE –
I dnt consider wat ppl think or talk about me..
i juz b’live dat,
Those who know me, know me well,
N those who dont know me
can go to HELL.
🙂 :-)right na??”

( 48 ) “Attitude of girls: When a boy sends dirty sms she laughs for 10 minutes, forward dat to her friends n then replies the boy.
‘i dont like that kind of sms ok?’”

( 49 ) “I hate it when people stare
at me and don’t say
anything !!
I mean if you want
an autograph or a picture
just ask na !”

( 50 ) “Action’s speak louder than words.
We can apologize over and over,
but if our action’s don’t change,
the word’s become meaningless.”

( 51 ) “Its a pity that Most of us
live Our Whole life On Default Settings,
Never Realizing that
we can Actually Customize it.’:)
Be unique!”

( 52 ) ““You Are Braver Than You Believe,
Stronger Than You Seem,
Smarter Than You Think,
And Loved More Than You Know.””

Log mere bare mein kya sochte hai?
Agar ye bhi mai sochu to phir log kya sochenge??”

( 54 ) “My Atittude In Exams.
They Give Me Questi0ns
Which I Don’t Know.
I Give Them Answers Which
They D0nt Know.
Tit For Tat….”

( 55 ) “Attitute Rokss…..;);)

Perfect Quote…

If U Think I’m Bad, Come To Me..
I’ll Give U Much Better Reasons…
Hate Me…!!”

( 56 ) ““Always Ignore Hateful Attitude
And Rude Behavior Of The People.
They Are Powerless Without Your Response…”
Have A Good Day..!!”

( 57 ) “A Strangely Reflective
Even Melancholy Day
Is That Bexause
Unlike Our Couxins
In The Northe Hemisphere
Eaxter Iss Not Associated
With The Energy Nd Vitality Of Spring
Bu8 With The More Subdued Spirit Of Autumn?
Hugh Mackaay.”

( 58 ) “In an Old Man’s Shirt written a cute sentence
‘I Am Not 60 Years Old.., I Am Sweet 16 with 44 years Experience.’
Thats Attitude.”

( 59 ) “Boys Mentality:- . . Ye Jo Aag Dil Mai Lagi Hai, Zmane Mai Laga Dunga,
Uski Doli Jo Uthi.
koi baat nhi Talented hoon dusri pta lunga..”

( 60 ) “Attitude At Exam!!!!

Teacher: Kuch Kiya Bhi Hai
Ya Aise Hi Aa Gaye???

Student: Sir, Breakfast
Karke Aaya Hu, Or Aap??”

( 61 ) ““Having A +ive Mental Attitude Is
Asking How Something Can
B Done Rather Than
Saying It Can’t B Done.”

( 62 ) “Get inspired 4m others..
Bt dont follow d queue..
Live ur life in ur own unique style..
N u wl see..
Ppl getng inspired n..
Following u.”

( 63 ) ““Good Nature Is More Agreeable In Conversation
Wit Nd Gives A Certain Air To The Countenance
Which Is More Amiable Than Beauty.”

( 64 ) “mein sochta hoon
ise bhula doon ga
magar jo is ne
the phool bheje
mehak rahe hain”

( 65 ) “Boys used the word friendship to begin the relationship
and girls use the same word to end it

Same word defined different attitude…”

( 66 ) “Classic thought: “i enjoy when people show ATTITUDE to me
bcoz it shows that
they need an attitude 2 impress me.”

( 67 ) “Life Goes On As It Never Ends
Eyes Of Stone Observe The Trends
They Never Say Forever Gaze Upon Me
Guilty Roads To An Endless Love”

( 68 ) “Attitude Rockz:
Maa Bete Se: Uth Jaa Kambakht
Dekh Suraj Kab Ka Nikal
Aya Hai Beta: To Kya Hua Maa
Wo Sota Bhi To Mujse Pehle Hai..!!”

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( 69 ) “My Attitude:
If U Dont Care, I’ll Care..
If U Again Dont, I’ll
Continue Caring.. If U
Still Dont, Then I Wont
Give U A Chance To Care
For Me Again..!”

( 70 ) “MY WAY OF LIFE
People Laugh Because i am Different,
And i Laugh Because They Are All the Same,
Thats Called ‘ATTITUDE’

( 71 ) “Im Not Lazy Im A Master
Of Energy Conservation
Don’8 Try To Understand Me
If U Do
Then Either Ull Go Mad
U Will Start Loving Me.”

( 72 ) “Larkiyon ka attitude
Girl to Doctor : dr. sahab mujhe koi achi c medicine de den
Doctor : Apko kya hua hai?
Girl : Kuch nai bas Nazar lag gayiii hai ”

( 73 ) “Principal:
Why Are U Late?
Ur Class Mates Came
Together On Time.
Sir, Sheeps Always
Come Together
Lion Always Come Alone.”

( 74 ) “Attitude Reloded:
Maa Apne Bete Se: Uth jaa kambakhat
dekh Suraj kab ka Nikal aya hai,
Beta Apni Maa se: To kya hua Maa!
wo sota bhi to Mujse pehle hai”

( 75 ) “Boys use the word Friendship
to begin the relationship.
and girls use the same word
to end the relationship.
Same word defined different attitude.”

( 76 ) “I am beautiful
Not only because of the curve of my hips
Or the shape of my body
Not only because of the fullness of my lips
Or the curl of my eye lashes”

( 77 ) “Me: “Why am I still single?”
Brain: “You’re weird as shit.”
Body: “And you’re fat.”
Face: “Plus you’re ugly.”
Food: “But I’m here for you.””

( 78 ) “I Enjoy When People
Show Attitude To Me
Becoxe It Shows That They Need
An Attitude To Impress Me
Thats Attitude”

( 79 ) “Dont feel bad if sumone rejects u
People usually reject expensive
things becz
they cant afford them..!!”

( 80 ) “An Excellent Positive Statement:
“”I’m Not Totally Usless..
I Can Still Be Used As An
Example Of Uselessness..
Thats The Attitude..!”

( 81 ) “A Strong And Positive Attitude Creates More Miracles Than Any Other Things,
Because Life Is 10% How We Make It And 90% How We Take It.”  Best attitude status

( 82 ) “I Dont Have An Attitude Problem,
But I Believe..
Zuko Wahi…
Jaha Kisi Ke Dil Me Kisi
Ko Zukane Ki Jiidd Na Ho…”

They gave me the questions which i dont knowSo i wrote answers which they dont know.
Tit for Tat dis is called ATTITUDE.”

( 84 ) “Never show me your attitude,
I behave in way your behave me,
Never underestimate myself,
I warn you, i never forgive,
I never give up,
I’m perilous, be care.”

( 85 ) “Before you Judge My Life, My Past or My Character…
Walk in My Shoes, Walk The Path I Have Travelled, Live My Sorrow, My Doubts, My Fear, My Pain ‘n My Laughter…
Remember, Everyone has a story……
When You’ve Lived My Life Then You Can Judge Me.. !”

( 86 ) “Having a positive mental attitude
is asking how something can be
done rather than saying
it can’t be done.”

( 87 ) “A leaf which falls from d tree is at d mercy of wind,
it goes wherever wind takes it..
be d wind 2 drive others,
not d leaf to be driven by others.!”

( 88 ) “Attitude Reloaded.. ;):p
Girl: I hate you.. 😡
Boy: WoW.. Wht a co-incidence..:-D:-P”

( 89 ) “D0 U Kn0w Why A Sardarni
Kept The D00r 0pen
While Taking A Bath
Because She Was Scared
That S0me0ne Might
See Thr0ugh The Key H0le.”

( 90 ) “If you ignore me I’ll ignore you.
if you don’t make an effort to start the conversation
sometimes we won’t talk.
If you don’t put in the effort Why should I?”

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